Latest Firmware Free RAM @ 37K ?

Well, for LoPy it is only 32k. Be happy with 37k!

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BLE AdvertisedServiceUUID

I have found a good starting point for investigation on ESP32 forum:

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Swisscom LPN

Yes I have, sucessfully! I have used the ABP code sample from the docs. Worked as is.

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Communication between lopy and rn2483

Bumping this topic as I have the same problem,
I upgraded to the last firmware and tested with both 0x12 and 0x34 sync parameters on the RN2483.

Sending with the RN2483:

radio tx 1234567890

On the LoPy I receive, less than 50% of the time, and when I do, it's mostly incorrect:


Has anyone been able to get this working?

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Private blockchain on Lopy ?

By private blockchain, I mean a local blockchain for all my devices to exchange the data in an application following defined smart contracts, no needs to interact with the global ledger. Geth Ethereum is one of the possibilities, and what I am looking for is the installation/implementation of Geth in Lopy if someone has done that before ?

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Error - Could not enter friendly repl

Currently the best solution I have for syncing new code to the LoPy is to do a safe boot (which requires connecting pin 12 (G28) to 3V3) then accessing the device via WLAN and telnet and doing a facory reset on the filesystem (os.mkfs('/flash'). This is by no means ideal.

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Can not connect on WiPy via COM

@Colateral do you have anything inside and in that WiPy? What happens if you try to connect via telnet? Is there any difference?

When you say latest firmware, is that 1.2.2.b1 ?


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