• Now that Apple has opened up HomeKit, is anyone working on building an implementation?

  • @tobz I've been working on a tutorial that utilizes a RPi as a Homekit MQTT Hub and has a pytrack/pysense sending data up to the RPi broker. When I get a break in my schedule, I'll share it!

  • Espressif has had a working HomeKit SDK (in C) for the ESP32 available to MFi licensees for some time. I signed an NDA with them for that in January so don't know how much I can talk about even considering the latest developments.

    I'd expect they'll open it to the wider public at some point once the legal situation is cleared.

    It would be hard to do everything in MicroPython, there is a LOT of ( elliptic curve) crypto involved that really doesn't exist in this environment but a bridge to existing C libraries could well be possible.

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