Pysense pinout / wake on pin

  • @this.wiederkehr Seems consistent with what I found on the Pysense, except I have EXT_IO2 (external I/O header pin 7) connected to RC3 (verified, as I get the same value reading through the ESP32 and the PIC).

    However, my hopes of using it as a wake-up source just vanished, as port C does not allow interrupts.

    So there does not seem to be anything on the external I/O header which could be used for this purpose, and the documentation is quite incorrect.

    Quite a shame RA4 is not connected to anything!

    So, @daniel and @bucknall, what exactly are the options for deep sleep with wake-up from an external source?

  • I'm just trying to figure this out for the pytrack here is how I think the PIC is connected, tough this is just a draft:

    RA0 USB D+                       #IOC # IO INPUT ONLY
    RA1 USB D-                       #IOC # IO INPUT ONLY                          
    RA3 Button / Programming Button  #IOC # INPUT ONLY # Pull up enabled by init script
    RA4 NC                           #IOC
    RA5 Accelerometer INT1, 2 or both?         #IOC
    RB4 I2C SDA                      #IOC
    RB5 UART RX                      #IOC
    RB6 I2C SCL RTC Calibration      #IOC
    RB7 UART TX                      #IOC
    RC0 EXT_IO0 EXT PIN5 ???
    RC1 EXT_IO1 EXT PIN6                    # INT PIN
    RC2 Battery Volatage Analog in
    RC3 NC
    RC4 PWR EN???
    RC5 Reset on Pyboard?            # Is made an input in the init script
    RC6 Power to the sensor
    RC7 Power to the gps
    - IOC means this pin support interrupts
    - NC NOT connected

    As you can see above I think only 2 pins from the external IO header are connected to the pic (5,6) the remaining pins 7,8,9,10 seem to be only connected to the pyboard.

    Looks like for the pytrack the documentation is quite wrong as well!
    Interestingly external pin 5 seems connected to RC0 on the pic, which does not support interrupts ...

  • @daniel @bucknall

    Looks like the pinout described here is quite wrong.

    Still haven't found any connections from EXT_IO4/5 to the PIC.

    So I decided to test all the pins on the External IO header against all the pins on the PIC...

    • Pin 1/GND is connected to VSS as expected
    • Pin 4/3V3_Pymodule is connected to VDD. So I guess that confirms that's actually the power source for the PIC and the sensors, rather than to the Pymodule (whose 3V3 pin is actually connected to Pin 3/3V3_Sensor)
    • Surprise: Pins 5, 6 and 7 (EXT_IO0, 1 and 2) are actually connected to RC0, 1 and 3 on the PIC!
    • Still no luck finding any connection between EXT_IO4 and 5 and the PIC.

    Will try using using RC3 as an input and as a wake-up source...

  • It would be great if we could have an answer to this. It tried finding the contacts directly on the board, but couldn't find any, probably because the contacts on the PIC are so small and I don't have the right tools for this.

    I just need something that says EXT_IO4 is connected to RA4 or something similar.

    BTW, I'm surprised that EXT_IO4 and 5 are actually connected to the module socket (EXT_IO4 to G11/P4/SD_CMD and EXT_IO5 to P8/G15/SD_DAT) even though that doesn't appear on the published pinout?


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