Sipy doesn´t work anymore

  • I hope someone could help me...
    I have been working with a sipy connected by USB with a expansion board, it works ok at least one month, but two days ago I was testing the Sigfox connexion, I keep the pycom connected to the pc by usb about 5 minutes when the console starts to show strange things like caracters without sense. I turn off the pycom and reset it by the button, but the rgb led didn´t blink anymore...
    Now when I connect the pycom by usb it doesn´t blink, only the green led of USB ante the orange led of LED are on. When I push the reset it doesn´t do anything!
    The pycom can´t connect to the PC and the update fails too (fail to connect, yes I do all the protocole of turn off, G23 to GND, reset...).
    I don´t know what can I do to solve this issue or if the sipy is absolutely dead.
    Please, any help is welcome because i am completely lost with this...


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