64 bit Visual Studio Code / Pymakr

  • Hi Folks,

    Firstly, great work on the Visual Studio Code extension. Super easy to use, providing the install is the 32 bit version.

    I have had no luck in getting the extension to work with the 64 bit VSC however. The terminal / pycom console does not appear in the Terminals list box and any action such as Connect / Run current file / Sync Project appears to do nothing.

    Apologies if this is a known issue, I couldn't find any pointers on the internet.

  • @Ralph Great, I confirm now VSC (1.16.10)/Pymakr (0.1.3) running on a 64-bit Windows 10 machine too with Node.js (8.4.0) in PATH. Thanks :)

  • Pymakr v0.1.3 has just been released voor VSCode, with a new build for vscode 64bit for windows. Make sure you upgrade to VSCode 1.16.0 as well.

    Let me know if it solves your problem with the win64 installs!

  • @ledbelly2142 It's not so much that I have a requirement for 64bit, more that it matched the architecture of my workstation. Additionally, there is a notification in VSC just now that suggests upgrading to the 64bit version which may get people stuck.

  • I'm running VS Code version 1.15.1,
    shell 1.6.6
    Node 7.4.0
    Arcitecture ia32

    on Windows 10 64bit.

    It's a little touchy and I have to restart the devices to get the serial port to connect correctly. Sometimes I have to FTP via WiFi to my LoPys when the serial connection acts up. I find I have to sometimes close out VS Code and reopen it to get it to work sometimes. That said, I often have multiple serial connections open via usb to multiple LoPys. Once it connects, it pretty good.

    What's the reason you want to run the 64 bit version of VS Code?

  • Same problem here, on a 32-bit Windows 10 machine VSC/Pymakr works fine with REPL console, run on device etc.. Even tried VSC/Pymakr succesfully on a 64-bit Ubuntu Gnome machine but on a 64-bit Windows 10 laptop no ways. Same software versions installed (VSC 1.15.1 with Pymakr 0.1.1), same node.js in PATH (both 6.x LTS and current 8.x) but on 64-bit Windows 10 the Pymakr buttons on VSC status bar doesn't appear and commands generates error (command not found). Btw, a well designed RAD environment for scalable wireless applications :)

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