LoPy wont start

  • I just opened a brand new LoPy and connected it to a Expansion board 2.0.
    -LoPy Button in the USB port direction
    -Plugged in the micro USB to the eBoard
    -LED on eBoard lights up
    Then nothing happens.

    I have measured Vin on the header on the LoPy and it reads 5.5 volts

    Any ideas?

  • @robert-hh Thanks. It can`t connect to the LoPy via serial. The serial connection seems to be fine, but I get no answer from the LoPy. :(

  • @cappern 5.5V is a little bit high for USB, but no problem for LoPy. I found my instruction on upload trouble:

    1. Check the USB cable. Is it good for other purposes too, like connecting a phone and transmitting data.
    2. Install the right driver. You'll need a VCP driver.
    3. Use the right port. It should be of the /dev/cu.xxxx name range on OS X, /dev/ttyUSBx on Linux and COMx on Windows
    4. Install the most recent version of the pycom updater.
    5. Make sure, that pyserial is installed (pip install pyserial)
    6. If you use the expansion board, check that all jumpers are in place.
    7. Verify the the jumper is between GND and G23. G23 IS NOT P23. Internally, this is GPIO0, also tagged as P2. If the heartbeat LED is still flash after setting the jumper and pushing reset, you're not at the right port.
    8. After connecting the jumper cable, and before starting the upload, reset LoPy
    9. Make sure you have a connection to the Internet

    If that all fails, scratch you head and start over at 1.

    About USB cables, which turn out to be a frequent problem, see also this link: https://xkcd.com/1892/

  • @robert-hh I have done exactly what you are writing.
    No blue hartbeat and no LOPY ssid shows up.
    I will look into the update process and report back.

    This might just be a DOA, sadly. :(

  • @cappern The LED on LoPy should have a 4 seconds Blue heartbeat, showing it is running. And the Lopy must be inserted in the right direction: RGB LED and Reset button above the USB connector of the eBoard.
    if you have the Blue Heartbeat, and get no REPL in a serial terminal program, then there may be a driver problem. This is common and there is a lot of advice here on the forum. May I ask you to search for that.
    Also, when the device is running, you should see a new WiFi access point named LOPY-xxxxx, with the default password "www.pycom.io".
    If there is no Blue Heartbeat, try to update the device. That might be a rough ride the first time you do it, and there is also a lot of debate around that here.

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