Deep sleep mode does not wake, or wakes at way off, unpredictable times

  • I have a LoPy with deep sleep shield. Firmware updated, using the latest

    When i loop through

    minutes = 15
    sleep = DeepSleep.DeepSleep()

    the board powers down and wakes correctly for approx 15 minutes a few times, then misses a few cycles and comes back to life after 45 or 60 minutes. Sometimes it comes to life after 5 minutes.

    I can handle a minute or two off, but this looks like the deep sleep shield is missing things entirely. Any suggestions pycom? Or anybody else?

  • @daniel the devices incremental frame counter in the LoRa network is missing several frames, which leads me to believe that the LoPy woke up, sent a LoRa message which failed. So i am seeing frame counters 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,12,13,14. Where 6 and 7 are missing and so on.

  • @Robin thanks for the report. Can you explain in more detail why you think this is a LoRa problem?

  • @robin After some debugging, it seem that this is a LoRa problem, not a deep sleep problem.

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