LOPY does not communicate over REPL

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with Lopy connecting to repl, it is set in the right connection on the expansion board, blue light is flushing, reset button is working but cannot connect to it via serial. in Atom when i want to connect it gets stuck, in Putty it connects but the python prompt does not show up. Cable is ok as I use the same one with other lopys and it is working. Expansion board is ok too. I do not know where to look for a problem cause while connecting with other lopys everything works, so it seems it is more lopy than PC problem...

  • @robert-hh thanks! problem solved

  • @monersss If you see in Putty the boot messages after reset, then probably the dupterm() to UART0 is not active. In one of the last post series you used os.dupterm(None) that to be able to use uart.write() on UART 0. That breaks REPL on the UART. You can use safeboot to stop executing boot.py or main.py, and you can always get a REPL via Telnet.

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