GPy and LTE

  • Hi guys,
    I just buy 3 GPy :).
    Until the GPy arrived, I'm reading the documentation, but I don't how to use de lte modem. I would like to connect to a mqt brooker over LTE.
    Can you guys give some documentation showing how to connect to the internet over LTE.


  • Hi @joselfesteves
    It will work on the latest firmware but you need a Verizon Cat M1 specific SIM card, regular Verizon SIMs don’t work on their Cat M1 network

  • @jmarcelino one of my colleagues is visiting US Cleveland. looking on Verizon website, LTE M Cat 1 is available and the GPy is showing their website as a certified modem. M1&page=0&pageSize=12&loading=false&moreToShow=true&sms=&operatingsystem=&simType=&voiceCapable=&wiFi=&ethernetPort=&uSBPort=

    My question, will the latest version work out of the box with Verizon US? Any special FW is needed?

    Thank you in advance.

  • @livius : Thank you for the suggestion, but the behavior remains the same, the Gpy associates then immediately detaches

    @jmarcelino: Good to know that Amarisoft works, and I am also using MT8820C sims. That should help tracking down this unrequested Detach Request issue, thank you. I'll post here if I have more progress.

  • @jmarcelino

    I've been following this thread as we are planning to use GPy in some real world deployments. Can we know which chipset is used for NB IoT modem? Any idea about NB IoT in Singapore ( especially M1 as they are the only ones so far providing NB IoT in Singapore ). Thanks. And appreciate the good work.

  • @joselfesteves
    You'll be able to check for the presence of (some) networks soon with some changes I'm working on (arbitrary AT commands) but almost 100% sure you will not be able to use KPN yet. It's a test network, I have no details about it and they are not sharing any further information.

    Also refer to their forum post on the topic:


  • @jmarcelino Thanks for your prompt answer.

    I've purchased the GPy since KPN was planning to launch, and they did, LTE-M in the end 2017. Just read they launched LTE-M on Den Hague and Rotterdam specific locations. On my current location, I'm not covered at all by RAN from these areas.

    My question will be if I drive by there for testing if Ill manage to check if registration is possible using the SIM that I have. using the default commands.

  • Hi @joselfesteves,

    The GPy has an LTE-M modem which supports LTE Cat M1 and (soon) NB-IoT. KPN and Truphone will not work with this regardless of APN settings.

    KPN LoRa is a completely different wireless system, to use it you need the LoPy, Lopy4 or FiPy in LoRaWAN mode.

    You will be able to use the GPy with Vodafone NL's NB-IoT service and later T-Mobile - both are running NB-IoT trials (not a full, commercial, service yet). We will have more details of these services when we finish testing with them - aiming for February with Vodafone and T-Mobile late March.

  • Hey guys,

    Good morning all. First, start to say that I'm a newbie in this Pycom world.
    I just recently purchased a Pycom board with a GPy. I've managed to make it work with WiFi, but LTE is showing nothing. Even looks that it doesn't try to connect.
    I'm connecting the board int he Netherlands, to MVNO Truphone that uses KPN network, complaint to the LoRa standard.
    I'm seeing that @jmarcelino already commented that APN is only 'internet', at this moment. I need to use the APN:
    Can someone give some guidance? At this moment, I just need the device to register on the network.
    Thank you in advance,

  • @tkerdonc
    What if you remove the line


  • @jmarcelino
    Vodafone Italy only supports a handful of trial locations now - full nationwide coverage will only be available in 2019 - please contact them to understand when/if they support your location. I'm almost sure you'll also need to sign up for the trial and get a different SIM card.

    We should be ready to support Vodafone Italy's NB-IoT network in late March.

  • @tkerdonc

    We use Amarisoft with Anritsu MT8820C style test cards successfully.
    With other cards I'm not sure, maybe you need to tweak the Amarisoft configuration.

    Are they LTE compatible cards? (Mileage algorithm)

  • @jmarcelino Operator=Vodafone, Country=Italy

  • @ninoita
    Which country / operator are you planning to use?

  • Just received my GPys and started trying them with my amarisoft testbed.
    @jmarcelino I saw you mentioned Amarisoft in an earlier post, can you confirm that GPys work with their default enb-catm1.cfg configuration ?
    APN and CID are indeed in the default versions you mentioned (1 and "internet"), however, the gpy does not stay connected to the infrastructure.

    On the device side, I have not uploaded any code but enter the following commands manually :
    lte = LTE()

    After that third one, Amarisoft's logs inform me that the device is joining the network, but this is immediately followed by a Detach Request from the GPy, ending in a lte.isconnected() = False after the call to connect() returns.

    When using these sim cards with regular phones, we usually needed to put them in roaming mode, since the amarisoft information is not stored on them, could that be an issue here ?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • @jmarcelino ok, it's clear. I already have a GPy and a Vodafone SIM. When can I try my Gpy using NB-IoT? Pycom documentation is only available for CAT M1 now.

  • @ninoita
    NB-IoT doesn't do handover because it simply reconnects to the next base station. But that's fine for connectionless UDP. It does mean you cannot do MQTT (unless it's MQTT-SN) without some sort of gateway in the middle.

  • @jmarcelino thank you for your reply. If I understood correctly, currently in italy I could use gpy with a sim (Vodafone or Tim) to enable nb-iot but such solution does not allow me to set up an iot application with sensors in movement (cat nb1 does not support handover) or sensors with client mqtt. Do you confirm?

    What parameters should I use for lte connection using a vodafone italy?

    Thank you

  • @ninoita
    As far as I know TIM and Vodafone Italia are well into NB-IoT deployments, perhaps TIM has more coverage at the moment but that can change very quickly - for most networks it's a software upgrade.

    For us it's probably easier to support Vodafone Italia as we work Vodafone as a group but we're of course open to work with everyone.

    As with most European locations (there are exceptions) at the moment Cat M1 is still not deployed outside the labs. But I'm hearing a lot more interest in it fuelled by some really mass market products that will change that landscape.

  • Hi @jmarcelino, have You information about the deployment of new lte protocols in Italy? In particular, what is the current status for lte Cat m1 in Italy?

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