MQTT OSError issue

  • Hello,
    I am having a small issue with the MQTT module.
    The issue is with my gateway. Currently I just have one node sending a small message over and over. The gateway would package it all up and then send it through MQTT to a raspberry pi running node-red. Node-red would just display the payload in a debug window.
    When the program was running before I wasn't getting any issues. Something has changed not sure what and I can only get about 195 messages passed to node-red before it crashes.
    The error is a OSError: [Errno 104] ECONNRESET
    I am running this on a Lopy with firmware 1.9.2.b2
    Line 153
    Line 110 (module off the web)

    This was all working the only thing I did change was the packet payload which is a string. I added time and bat.

    Thank for any help.

  • @rkeiii Hi, how did you switched from simple to robust? sorry I am just learning and Im very novice on this...thanks a lot in advance

  • @rkeiii , thank you I will give it a try.

  • Hi robd,

    I just wanted to let you know I experienced something similar with my WiPy 2.0. I simply switched from the umqtt simple to umqtt robust which auto reconnects. Not sure if that's useful in your circumstance but I thought I'd let you know either way.

    I never found a great explanation (havent had tiem to go throug hthe source) for why the ECONNRESET was happening out of the blue.

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