LTE-M antenna doesn't fit into the IP67 Case

  • I've just received my pledge, started more detail looking at the components and found 1st issue.

    During the campaign according to KS Update #4 offer, I've increased my pledge with IP67 Case and according to the info (quote below - bolded) I was convinced that I would be able to put the antenna inside the case.

    "(...)We have been busy and managed to put together a deal for a superb quality IP67 case which can safely house your Pytrack or Pysense with a FiPy and a battery. The case will also be supplied with an IP67 cable / connector for the external LoRa/Sigfox antenna. For those whom have purchase the LTE-M antenna, then you would simply attach it inside the case.(...)"

    Any ideas how can I do that?


  • I found that on the LTE-M Antenna Kit page presented antenna is quite different from mine.


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