deepsleep maximum time

  • @seb thank you for the reply.
    can you please tell me why 3 byte value.

  • Hi,

    Q1) The deepsleep time is set as a 3 byte value in seconds, so therefore the maximum sleep time is 2^(8*3) seconds = 16,777,216 seconds = 27.7 weeks

    Q2) In regards to waking on pin P17 please see the docs here:

    You can do this like so:

    ds.go_to_sleep(100) #Sleep for 100s

    When the deep sleep shield goes to sleep, the LoPy will be completely unpowered, when it wakes up (either via a change on P17 or after 100s in the example above) the LoPy will begin code execution just as if you had pressed the reset button on the module.

    I hope this answers your questions

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