I can't connect my LoPy to my computer!!

  • Hi Everyone!!

    I'm new using my LoPy and i'm having some problems to connect it with my computer, so i need your help...
    When i tried to update the firmware was so difficult to do it, i tried it many times till i can do it, then i programmed my code and later i tried to connect my LoPy with my computer and all was ok but after some days i did the same things and i couldn't connect it Atom always says "Connecting...." but nothing happened, now i can't see serialport but before i can do it , so i don't know what to do.
    Does anyone knows how to boot LoPy without connect it to the computer? or maybe what can i do to solve my problem?

    Sorry for my English, but i'm Mexican

  • @areli_anzures
    Can you try connecting just the expansion board without the LoPy?

    It should still appear as a serial port. If it works without the LoPy please check if the LoPy is correctly connected and in the right orientation.

  • thank you for answer me @jmarcelino

    i'm using Windows and yes i'm using the expansion board and i have used more than one USB cable, so i don't know how to solve my problem.

  • Hi @areli_anzures

    Somes questions:
    What do you use on your computer? Windows, macOS, Linux?

    How are you connecting the LoPy? Do you have the expansion board, a Pysense/Pytrack, something else?

    If you don't see the serial port when it's connected it's possible you're using a USB cable which doesn't support data. Please try another cable.

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