FTP Access with larger files crasing FiPy

  • I'm have some funny behaviour copying logs off a FiPy + expansion SD card through FTP. Files larger than about 500kb copy incomplete, with some data corruption (missing bytes randomly scattered throughout file). Sometimes the entire board hard crashes and reboots (I can tell as my logger app running in foreground on the FiPy stops responding). I tried working the FTP even with my app not running, and while that increases transfer speeds it does not rectify the problems.

    This seems a pretty elementary task and I'm curious if I'm just doing something wrong.

    FTP Client: Filezilla, passive mode, connections set to 1
    Wifi: Default AP settings default credentials
    Hardware: FiPy with current firmware (1.16) as of today. Expansion board is an old V1 board I'm just using for the SD card. SD card is a Sandisk 32Gb high quality card. If I take the card out and copy the files directly to my computer they are the right size and corruption free.
    Software: SD card is mounted but no files opened (while I attempt to transfer)

  • I managed to get the core dump related to this behaviour

  • Same over here. And it is quite random too. Sometime it works sometime it crashes multiple time before it works all of a sudden.
    Same configuration of FileZilla but using a wipy3

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