Pytrack will not boot after update

  • I recently got a Pytrack and just updated the firmware yesterday. I came back to do more work on it today to find that it will not boot at all. I'm currently trying to use a FiPy but am not getting any sort of indicator lights.

    I tried moving the FiPy to a different board (the Pysense) and it booted just fine, which leads me to believe its a problem with my Pytrack. Any suggestions? Has anyone encountered this problem before?

    Edit: I tried using a LoPy instead of a FiPy on the Pytrack board and it boots, but the FiPy won't boot on the Pytrack board. I'm very confused by this.

  • @jmarcelino It works! Thank you.

  • Hi @xorlover

    I know it sounds strange but can you try another USB cable?

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