wipy with pysense is unresponsive

  • Hi,

    When I'm running wipy with the expansion board it works as it should. When I take the wipy and put it on the pysense, then I get problems. I can see the heartbeat led usually only once. If I reset the board I can see the boot print on the terminal and REPL is responsive for a few seconds.

    I've updated wipy to 1.17.0.b1 and pysense to 0.0.8. Any Ideas what to try next?

  • I have a near identical issue (wipy on pysense stops responding after some time). I have followed the various procedures to reset and reflash both the pysense and the wipy. I have - while the wipy was responsive - entered the stanza above to reset the state of the filesystem.

    I am still experiencing this as an issue.

  • First I used my expansion board to wipe the file system. If it amounts to the same thing, if not then I can try connecting with wires. Then wipy back on top of pysense and the same issue continues.

  • Have you tried to safe boot the module? Sounds like you might have some code running on it that puts the pysense into sleep mode. If you connect P12 to 3.3v and reboot the module (this can be quite tricky on a pysense), you should see the onboard LED blink orange, now when it boots it will not run boot.py or main.py. You should then be able to get to the REPL and wipe the file system by running:

    import os

    Let me know if the issue persists after you have wiped the devices file system.

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