lte = LTE() getting stuck after reset FW 1.17.3.b1 on FiPy

  • I am giving these commands through the REPL console.

    Connecting on /dev/ttyACM0...
    >>> from network import LTE
    >>> lte = LTE()
    >>> lte.deinit()
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    OSError: the requested operation failed
    >>> lte.deinit()
    >>> #deinit works!!
    >>> #going to press reset button
    >>> ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57
    rst:0x1 (POWERON_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
    configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
    mode:DIO, clock div:1
    entry 0x400a059c
    MicroPython v1.8.6-849-83e2f7f on 2018-03-19; FiPy with ESP32
    Type "help()" for more information.
    >>> from network import LTE
    >>> lte = LTE()

    After I reset (by pressing reset button), lte = LTE() just hangs there forever.
    It works again only after I unplug the USB cable and plug it back in.

    Any solution to solve this problem?

  • @akshayjames
    Thank you, I can't immediately reproduce it but have asked the team to look into it

  • @jmarcelino


    >>> lte.send_at_cmd('ATI')
    '\r\nSEQUANS Communications\r\nVZM20Q\r\n'

    This is the result of the command.

  • Which modem firmware version are you running please?

    Please post what is returned by:


    Thank you

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