FT230X Basic UART - "This device can't begin (Code 10)"

  • So I've got a expansion board 2.0 for my LoPy and I want to be able to connect to it on a COM, but I when I look what COM it's connected to I see this warning sign
    So I go to properties and it says that "this device can't begin (Code 10)"
    This error happened when I tried replace driver in Zadig.
    So what I did now was uninstall the driver and it now lies in here
    0_1524727840318_LibusbK USB Devices.PNG
    But that means that I can't connect to it in Atom, does anyone know what I need to do so I can connect to it, really want it to work so I can continue doing tests for my project.

  • I don't know exactly how to fix wrong Win7 FTDI driver problems.
    I would try to get the latest drivers from http://www.ftdichip.com/FTDrivers.htm and force install them.

  • hi @CodeManiac64, could you share now, what Zadig shows, or the screenshot that you share is the latest "Zadig state"?
    It's curios, that it was libusbK in the first place, did you (by mistake) replaced FTDI generic driver with libusbK?
    In the end, I would try to uninstall all the drivers installed and associated with this device (uninstall from both "Device Manager" and from Zadig).
    Windows (10, I assume) would install after (by Update Driver option from Device Manager), the right FTDI USB-to-Serial Driver.

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