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  • Hi all,

    First of all, LoPy (software, hardware & documentation) is simply amazing. It is the RPi of the IOT world!

    I am having some issues with deepsleep power consumption. It is still stuck at 10 mA when in deepsleep and about 37 mA when transmitting. After initial power up, we turn off WiFi & LEDs. We then go into deepsleep for 20 seconds using deepsleep(20*1000)

    When we wake up after deepsleep, we restore using nvram_restore() and send a single payload of 6 bytes. Everything works as it should - except for the power. What am I doing wrong here? I did google around and came across this post - https://forum.pycom.io/topic/2640/lopy-4-current-consumption-and-deep-sleep

    But it is still not clear what exactly got their power consumption down to 15uA.

    Keep up the awesome work - you lot rock!


  • Are you using a LoPy 1 or LoPy 4? Are you using an expansion board, PySense, PyTrack or Deep Sleep Shield? How are you powering the board?

    The LoPy 1 (but not the LoPy 4) has an issue with deep sleep which draws more power than initially anticipated (due to the regulator and the on-board flash IIRC), so if you want to achieve currents closer to 10 µA than 10 mA, you need something external to completely power down the LoPy, either the Deep Sleep Shield, or a Pysense or Pytrack (and use the relevant library rather than the built-in machine.deepsleep).

    Note also that you will only achieve the lowest power draw when powering via the battery connector and not via USB, and without an SD card.

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