Pymaker Terminal issues with Atom IDE package

  • It would appear that the atom IDE package has tools that interfere with the Pymakr terminal window making it almost impossible to use together. I find Atom IDE to be a great package and would prefer them to play nice.

  • Thanks for testing that. When I have time I'll dive into the terminal code of the atom-ide-ui plugin and see what is causing the issue. Maybe I can make a workaround in the Pymakr plugin to make them act nice together.

  • It looks like if I go into Packages then select Settings for "atom-ide-ui" and disable the terminal feature it does not seem to overwrite/conflict with the pymakr terminal.

    Since I did not use that feature much it is not a big deal, but it would be nice to find a way around this.

  • Unfortunately the update did not fix the issue for me. The console and linter tool at the bottom of the screen seem to get in the way of the terminal. This makes t so I can only see 1-2 lines of the terminal and makes it mostly unusable.

  • Thanks for reporting. I installed the atom-ide-ui package and it already blocks me from selecting and copying code from the pymakr terminal for some reason. All other features seem to work, but it's annoying nevertheless. We'll look into this.

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