New development firmware release v1.19.0.b1

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    Hi all,
    In this development releases we also added light sleep funtionality, it is more graceful sleep mode than deep sleep where digital peripherals, most of the RAM, and CPUs are clock-gated, and supply voltage is reduced. Upon exit from light sleep, peripherals and CPUs resume operation, their internal state is preserved. you can read more about Sleep modes in esp32 here .

    To Enter light sleep mode you can use API:
    machine.sleep(time in ms) if no arguments given module will sleep till next reset unless a wakeup source is configured before going to sleep.

    Please Note that:
    1- API machine_pin_deepsleep_wakeup was renamed machine_pin_sleep_wakeup as now you can use it for configuring wakeup source for both light and deep sleep.

    2- when Light sleep mode Wifi, bluetooth and LoRa are disabled and currently connection is not restored after wakeup (you have to restore it manually with scripting), we are currently working on automatically restoring Connection after light sleep wakeup.

    Thanks, waiting for your feedback :)

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    A few things to note:

    Most of the readall() functions such as in uart have been removed as using read() without arguments does exactly the same. Please update your scripts accordingly.

    The function os.mkfs() has been replaced with os.fsformat(). To format the internal file system, use os.fsformat('/flash') and os.fsformat('/sd') to format SD cards (card needs to be mounted as '/sd')

    To mount the SD card, use this code:

    from machine import SD
    sd = SD()
    fs = os.mkfat(sd)
    os.mount(fs, '/sd')

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