Windows 10 : "Can't connect to this network"

  • Hello to all,

    I am writing to enquire some help about a windows 10 issue. I have in possession 1 LoPy and 2 computers. In my project, i am trying to communicate with my LoPy with both computers in the same time. I was able to connect without any problems. Unfortunately when I log the computers into the LoPy's wifi access point, their IP adress is set randomely (well, for the first one and then for the next one). Moreover, in the future I might used more computers.

    Both of these computers need to collect some specific datas from this LoPy. But I need to fix and set a static IP address to these computers in order to stabilize the system that I am making. That is why I tried, via windows' control panel, to set a static IP address on one of my computers to "". The method I used to do it is based on this tutorial :

    ( I wrote and for the DNS server).

    Unfortunately, it didn't work and this computer doesn't connect anymore to the LoPy (the other computer is shuted down). I get this message :

    I abandonned the static IP and put back the settings to "Obtain an IP address automatically" on windows' control panel but it still doesn't connect to the LoPy anymore.

    I updated the LoPy's firmware : no effect
    I reinstalled the driver for my computer's network card : no effect
    I restarted the computer many times : no effect

    But still, my second computer still connects perfectly to the LoPy when I try (because I didn't touch to its settings).

    Could you please send me some advice for my problem ?

    Thank you in advance for your help,

    Best regards,

  • Hi @MBK,

    I don't think it's random, it's assigned by the DHCP server. It sounds like an issue with Windows, maybe it cached the settings? Have you tried resetting your network settings? I don't have access to Win10, but I tried it on my phone and Mac, but indeed I wasn't able to use static IPs. I think you'd need to set static IPs in the AP, not in the client.

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