Pycom WiFi long term usability and reliability issues

  • We have been running multiple pycom modules for an extended period of time (a couple of months now) and had encountered a terrible issue in regards to long-term usability and reliability. After running pycom modules for some time, some modules dropped WiFi connectivity completely in which you can't connect to them, the device WiFi network disappears. A software reset nor a hard reset will fix the problem. The only method we found to fix this issue is by reinstalling Pycom's firmware via USB, but that's not really a solution even for prototyping a product... Any feedback would be much appreciated

  • Hi @az311,

    Could you share some more details about your setup? Which devices are you using and which firmware version is installed on them? How long does it take for the WiFi to stop working (days or weeks)? I'll look into this issue.

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