today visual studio code + pymakr + ubuntu 17.04 64bit

  • This morning I started as always vscode (1.27.2) and pymakr did not start.
    I debugged the plugin and this is happening

    /usr/share/code/code --debugBrkPluginHost=35357 --debugId=eae01cba-7da2-4b1a-8c1b-d4474a9b4135 --extensionDevelopmentPath=/home/armdev/Scrivania/pymakr-dev/pymakr-vsc 
    L'attivazione dell'estensione 'pycom.pymakr' non è riuscita: Cannot find module './lib/main/panel-view'.
    Activating extension `pycom.pymakr` failed:  Cannot find module './lib/main/panel-view'
    Here is the error stack:  Error: Cannot find module './lib/main/panel-view'

  • Hi @james

    Could you try reinstalling VSCode and Pymakr? I've tried 1.27.2 and it works fine, so it might be something with your config. I haven't seen this issue yet, so it might be related to something else.

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