NB-IoT lte.isattached() False even though actually attached

  • I'm using NB-IoT on the Vodafone NL network. I'm able to attach to the network and send UDP messages, but only using the AT command set, not using the high level api.

    The AT+CEREG? command:

    >>> send('AT+CEREG?')
    RX: +CEREG: 2,5,"319E","0199B767",9
    RX: OK

    The lte_check_attached() in modlte.c actually checks that the last parameter is 7 (E-UTRAN) instead of anything else. I also cannot find the 9 that I'm getting in any documentation. Even so, I can succesfully send data using the following commands:

    # open connection
    # send data until \x1A
    # close connection

    I'm using NB-IoT firmware: NB1-40343.dup
    And using self-compiled firmware:
    (sysname='FiPy', nodename='FiPy', release='1.18.1.r1', version='b0520f1-dirty on 2018-11-05', machine='FiPy with ESP32', lorawan='1.0.2', sigfox='1.0.1')

    Bottom line: is this a bug in the NB1 firmware returning 9 or in lte_check_attached()?

  • As mention this should be fixed now. if you still see it in new versions of the firmware please drop in a support ticket or email support@pycom.io and I/we will gladly help Investigate further.

  • @robert-hh Ah, I see there's been a lot of changes regarding this in the dev and lte* branches. Thanks!

    Just leaving a link to the relevant announcement:

  • @martijns That was fixed in the recent trial versions (alpha/beta/gamma/delta/epsilon/zeta/eta/theta ...) of the firmware.

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