PySense / PyTrack with FiPy - get_sleep_remaining() hangs forever (workaround)

  • Hi all

    I got a problem while using current setup of FiPy and PySense / PyTrack.
    The following example code ...

    from pysense import Pysense
    from LIS2HH12 import LIS2HH12
    import time
    py = Pysense()
    print("Approximate sleep remaining: " + str(py.get_sleep_remaining()) + " sec")

    ... hangs forever while the method get_sleep_remaining is called. After some research, seems to hang while calibrate_rtc is called. Looks like a timing problem ... Inserting an idle-cylce at the beginning of calibrate_rtc seems to be working ...

        def calibrate_rtc(self):


    • FiPy 1.8.1 - 1.8.2r7
    • PySense / PyTrack 0.0.8
    • pycom-libraries: current (96af79b)

    As the workaround is not a final solution, any ideas regarding a final one?

    Kind regards

  • @tuftec

    rc11 exists.

    Be aware, there are some differences in the python implementation.

    • flush in the print function pops up with an error message. For me this parameter never seemed to work, so it is only nasty to remove it.
    • nvs_get throws exception on none existing dictionary key instead of None. (This may came up much earlier, but I ran into this on testing with rc11)

  • Interesting.

    I was having similar issues with FiPy and calls to machine.deepsleep().

    After a bit of discussion with Pycom, they issued me with a new version of firmware 1.20.0.rc10.r1. I am not sure whether or not this has been made as a public release yet. It did solve my immediate problem.


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