Bluetooth / BLE REPL for wipy2?

  • Was hoping to use the WiPy2.0 Bluetooth Low Energy as a REPL but it looks like I would need to:

    1. use uos.dupterm
    2. create a custom stream object using the ble and input into uos.dupterm
    3. however, according to the latest micropython release (v1.1) you can only create a custom stream like object using IOBase which does not seem to be available in the latest Pycom micropython release

    Is there any way to create a BLE Repl with the WiPy?

    NOTE: trying to use ble repl and uart repl at same time using uos.dupterm, but it looks like the current pycom version of micropython only supports one repl port at a time. Is there a planned update so that multiple repl can be initiated using uos.dupterm?


    • was able to get the uos.dupterm to use my custom ble uart class without having to use the newer micropython IOBase, so that's great. You just need to make sure the Ble Uart class has read, write and readinto methods for dupterm to work.

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