Problem with firmware

  • Hi everyone.
    I hope someone could help me because i am very lost with this.
    I have two Lopy4 for developing with two expansion boards. I have been using one until yesterday. I made my own program that works ok, with deepsleep, wlan, sigfox and ble, separately not simultaneously. But suddenly lopy stops to work and start to overheat.
    Because I want to descart circuit issues independent from the lopy, i started to use the second lopy, for this i use the pycom firmware update, i connect the lopy to PC by atom and I see that it works but few minutes later, it start to give "Guru Meditation Error" in Core 0 and in Core 1.
    I have tryed upgrading again, with other expansionboard, with another usb wire and all give me the same result, error in cores and the core dumb start.
    The other lopy is died, atom detects it when i connect by expansion board, but the lopy don´t give any response nor the RGB led blinks. I don´t remember wich firmware it have, i updated it at least one month ago.
    What can i do with this two guys???
    Any help, please.

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