SiPy stops working after a while

  • Hello,

    i am using SiPy to send/receive some sensor datas to an IoT platform via MQTT, but after max. 5 minutes SiPy stops blinking and i can not receive anything. When i reset it, it works for five minutes but stops again.

    In my boot file im just connecting to wifi, and in main im connecting to my iot platform and calling blocks for my sensors. I do not have too much sensor data but can it be a memory issue or because of version? Because i did not have a problem like that. I have two sipy devices and i tried with both of them. they both act the same.

    I am also not sure if it goes in sleep mode. Do you have any clue what it can be?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • @tanrcans Please tell us the firmware version that you are using. And can you connect a PC to the UART0 and log the output. Every error message is essential.

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