[ARCHIVED] Downgrading firmware (advanced users)

  • @toribios_people

    It could be a corrupted file, a Windows-specific issue, or something else...

    I just downgraded from the latest version (1.4.0.b1) to 1.1.0.b1 on macOS and it worked flawlessly.

    I'd advice you to retry and if it still fails try doing it on Linux to see if it's Windows-specific. That way we can try to resolve it.

  • Trying to downgrade on windows I get the following error, any idea why? Thanks.

    C:\pyupgrade>c:\python27\python bin\updater.py -t 1.2.2.b1-WiPy.tar.gz -p COM8
    Namespace(file=None, port='COM8', speed=115200, tar='1.2.2.b1-WiPy.tar.gz')
    Uploading stub...
    Running stub...
    Stub running...
    Changing baud rate to 115200
    Exception: Error -3 while decompressing: invalid stored block lengths, on line 131

  • Pybytes Beta

    for me 0.9.7.b1 works with SSL (including certificate based client auth). It did not erase files when I downgraded with the respective installer - I diid nevertheless save files via FTP before - just to be sure.

    best regards

  • @abilio Which firmware version was the last to properly support ssl? And will dowgrading firmware using updater.py erase any files?

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