Frequency disturbance causing my pycom modules to crash

  • Hi!

    I've got a fipyand a lora4 talking with each other over LoRa.
    During the testing of these two boards at work things work out as expected, however, when I bring them home they constantly crash. Right as it's done booting it dumps a Core Dump in the console.
    I managed to get in an wipe both and
    Antennas are connected.
    Last firmware update for both the cards were performed a week ago.

    The interesting thing is that if I enclose one of the modules (while connected to the computer via USB) in a stainless steel container it wont crash, until I remove the lid. The only thing I can think of that can interfere here and not at work is that most of the households in the neighborhood has a wireless power meter(?) in the fuse box running at a frequency in the 800-900MHz range. Typically; 870-875.6, 444.675-444.625, 869.525, etc.

    Have anyone else experienced anything similar?
    Also, if someone could tell me how to decode the core dumps the boards are giving me that would be great!

    Need more info about the problem, just ask.

  • I have also seen this problem caused by WIFI. Try to disable wifi on boot and that will most likley solve you problem.

    import pycom


  • @embidan A few questions:

    • Does is matter which of these device you put into the steel box?
    • Or is it just that when you put the device in the box, it runs, while the other device outside the box crashes.
    • Do the devices crash immediately, or does it take some time, like a few seconds, until they crash?

    I am asking because some person in another forum had a similar problem, which was related to WiFi. When WiFi was turned off, the device go stable. Not that this is a good habit, but at least a direction to search for.

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