Reflow soldering damages the OEM-device

  • I wanna pick up where this thread from a year ago left off since it seems similar:

    We have a +25% failure rate on making our prototypes, and it seems that the OEM module gets damaged.
    Upon powering up everything seems normal, but the OEM module get really hot in a few minutes. It seems to be the bottom right portion of the L04 that we used now.
    And on programming the Flash memory seems to be unresponsive. See programmer screenshot with a test program below:


    The oven reflow profile has been measured and seems to match the profile of the OEM.

    This is the OEM's profile:

    Our profile:
    with alpha OM-338 paste.

    Did you manage to help @Tom with this issue or did you have other issues like this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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