FiPy burned itself out

  • I have a FiPy and PyTrack I purchased some time ago from a Canadian distributor. I had the FiPy connecting to WiFi and running a simple GPS app to obtain and print some location details to the console. No LTE, no Lora, no Sigfox and no LTE antenna since I assumed LTE and other radios were disabled by default. This worked fine and any time a new stable firmware was introduced, I updated the FiPy to use it. Again, this has been working up until yesterday when I noticed the FiPy was dark. Removing and reapplying power did nothing. The unit was dead or in the least, the PyTrack board. It is then that I remembered that the FiPy tended to run hot even though it wasn't doing much. I will test the FiPy separately but I suspect it is dead. I am not impressed.

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