SiPy Without Python

  • Hi guys,
    So due to me not reading as well as I could have, I have bought a rather large number of Sipy units.
    Thinking they were plain simple ESP32's with extra hardware, for me I am primarily interested in the Sigfox part.
    Myself or my team, has no incline to learn Python or to use it, we are all C++ developers and would like to stick to our
    existing toolchain.

    I have read that, if we do a simple flash, we can use the unit as a plain simple ESP32 and life goes on, however I also read that
    with the Sigfox part, this could be an issue. What process must I can I follow in order to use native C++ code, on these devices and
    still be able to use the included Sigfox package etc...




  • @louislewis2 You can of course use the SiPy as a plain ESP32 device. Only GPIO5, 19 and 27 are connected to the CC1125 radio chip. The Sigfox modules are not published as source. There is only a library, which also includes the Python API. The only thing accessible is a header file and the API with the Sigfox class hook. So using that would be pretty much work. But you may find other software packages for that CC1125 radio device. The Texas Instruments web site should be a good start.

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