Safe Boot whereas P12 is connected to ground through resistor

  • Hello, i use a lopy for a RFID reader for "location" recorder.

    A short description of our electronic system was:
    A robot move along a line. Some RFID tag was put in the ground wich we have serial number and we can remote localisation the robot. The lopy is for send the RFID serial number to a microchip rn2483 lora receiver.

    It's not clear for us what is the problem, but in some case we get some:

    Guru Meditation Error: Core  1 panic'ed (LoadProhibited). Exception was unhandled.

    The core panic come always when we search to send a data through the lora socket (send() function of the socket).

    Whereas this is a quite big problem to us, the main problem was we have see one time that the lopy have reset is firmware, but do a safe boot like if we put the pin 'P12' to 3.3v at the power switch on. But in our electronic card we have put 'P12' like this:

              (LED)   -------
           |          -------    |
    P12 ===                      -
           |   -------          GND
               -------    |

    We have this core panic seems we have try to use the littlefs filesystem. Next week i will try to downgrade the version to confirm this. But i don't understand why the safe boot was load when the lopy restart (we use a watchdog). Maybe you have an idea?

  • I have use the DragonFly firmware from Andreas to run our code without the LoadProhibited core panic. I thank him for give me information how about precompiled our code with mpy-cross (version 1.11).

    We havn't any more problem with our electronic card (OEM lopy on it).

  • This problem does not occur when we use the LoPy-1.18.2.r7 firmware. Whereas the LoPy-1.20.0.rc13 doesn't run fine. The problem appear when the lopy run since a minimum of one day, and come when the LORA module was use (send or receive).

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