Wipy + Development Board 3.0 TTL to RS232 UART Printer Problem

  • Hi

    I am trying to speak to a thermal RS232 printer from the WiPY by using a TTL to RS232 board (MAX3232 chip powered). I've tried a couple of boards a Grove and a DollaTek.

    I am taking my four jumper cables: TX from Pin3, RX Pin 4 and GND and 3v3 (i also have tried flipping the RX/TX as some of these breakout boards are labelled with the cable it is looking for rather than what it is)

    I'm then on a basic level doing something like:

    from machine import UART
    uart = UART(1)
    uart.init(baudrate=115200, bits=8, stop=1, parity=UART.EVEN, pins=('P3', 'P4'))
    uart.write(bytes([25,25])) # This is a command I know the printer receives and does a reset

    but nothing happens. I know the voltages from the WiPY are correct (checked with a multimeter). When I instantiate the UART object a light on the TTL - RS232 breakout goes out making me think something is right. I can run a jumper from P3 to P4 and write and receive the bytes on the WiPY but it does nothing RS232 wise.

    Now for comparison I have a raspberry pi and purchased a Max3232 Hat from the PiHut

    With just this CPython code:

    import serial
    ser = serial.Serial(

    It sends the message to the printer successfully. The only other difference is that the Pi Hat has a male DB9 whereas the two I've tried with the WiPY are female (meaning I have a different RS232 cable to the printer). Both RS232 cables are brand new. But essentially the HAT is identical in theory except that it isn't using Micropython.

    My question is: should this just work? Or am I missing something about UART, the PyCom or something else. Am I doing something wrong?

    Hope someone can help


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  • @handloomweaver It looks OK. What happens if you bridge RX/TX at the RS232 side. Then at least you can check that the data is passing through the Level converter. Then, the modem control lines could be the problem.

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