SiPy not working from the begining

  • Hi all,

    I got a new SiPy to play with and I registered it in Sigfox backend.
    I never powered it up without the sigfox extenal antenna.
    Still, trying to send any message in every possible way does not appear to the backed. I tried all the examples I could find, even the pybytes version. I upgrade it to the final version and I also tried with previous versions. Nothing works.
    I verified the signal coverage with the local Sigfox operator and says that's excellent.
    What can I do to make it work or at least to identify the problem?

    Please help.

  • @adi-canja USB-SDR is USB Software Defined Radio (a tool like this one ) that allow you to view if something is send by your device (or not) around 868.130Mhz (Sigfox central frequency)
    That is worse than a spectrum analyser but it's cheaper :-)

    If something is sent correctly (2 second time on air, 500ms idle repated 3 time) then it's a coverage problem or an antenna problem, have you try another uFL cable+another antenna ? Have you try to go outdoor to do a tx test ? (Even if your network operator say you are in a good coverage area it's better to check it by yourself?)
    Have you any event on sigfox backend ?

  • @Eric73
    I have mounted the antenna correctly and I have the correct RCZ1 as I am in Europe.
    I even tried the "Disengage seq".

    The only thing it seems not quite straight-forward is that the PAC number on the backend differs from the one on the device, but the ID is the same. The local operator told me that at the registration time the changing of PAC is normal.

    As for the USB-SDR, I don't know what is that, sorry...

  • @adi-canja Well, are you sure to use the correct uFl connector for sigfox antenna (uFL near the reset button/LED)

    Did you set the correct sigfox RCZ for your area in your software?
    Are you sure to use the correct zone ?

    Have you check on sigfox backend if your device have some events pendings (on device list, click on your device number, then on the left menu select events ) and then do a "Disengage sequence number" to sync sigfox backend and your device sequence number. After that often it will work.

    If none of this work can you have a USB-SDR to check if something is send by your device in sigfox frequency used in your area ?

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