Wi-Fi works on Lopy4 not on Fipy

  • I am trying to use the Wi-Fi feature on the Fipy. I am running the given example:

    import network
    import time
    # setup as a station
    wlan = network.WLAN(mode=network.WLAN.STA)
    wlan.connect('your-ssid', auth=(network.WLAN.WPA2, 'your-key'))
    while not wlan.isconnected():

    When I run this code on the Lopy4 (with my own ssid and key), it connects successfully. However, when I run the exact same code on the Fipy, I get the message: OSError: the requested operation failed. I also made sure the LTE was both unattached and disconnected before trying to setup the Wi-Fi.

    If it's relevant, the current firmware on the Fipy is version 1.20.0.rc13

    Does anyone know why it's failing?

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