Pycom Board Periodically Restarts

  • My FiPy and GPy board periodically restarts with the following message:

    rst:0x7 (TG0WDT_SYS_RESET),boot:0x33 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)

    I've tried a full flash erase of the device but this still happens. Pybytes is installed and I'm also using the MQTT library for my own communications to the device. Any tips would be appreciated

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    Do you have pybytes activated? ie, does it make a connection on boot?
    You can deactivate the Pybytes watchdog in the pybytes_config.json by setting
    "connection_watchdog": false

  • Hi, I will try erasing the device, but have limited time to work on the project.

    The issue occurs if powered via USB, or also additionally with 0.5A switching regulator.

    The issue occurs every 21mins (1,260,000 ms, being the same as the pybytes watchdog timeout).

    The use case of my device is that it needs to be used sometimes without wifi, and sometimes with wifi (I use a dictionary of wifi ssid's and passwords so trhat I can use my home, work or mobile hotspot connection) - subsequently connection to pybytes is (using the single wifi address) often by design fails - I require the device however to keep running as its primary function is as a standalone microcontroller.

    Is there a way of me turning off the pybytes timeout?

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    Im still interested in how to reproduce this issue, but we will need additional information about what your cases have in common. Can you let me know of the hardware version of your GPy / Fipy and, if applicable expansionboard (altough you mention it also happens without an expansionboard).

    • Does the issue still occur when you completely erase the device (and clear the NVS and CONFIG partitions) on firmware 1.20.2.r1?
    • How often does it show the TG0WDT_SYS_RESET?
    • Is the issue consistent? (periodically, random?)
    • The issue could be power related (voltage dip on Wifi could result in a WDT reset)

    Let me know!

  • Same issue here, running WIPY 3.0 on exp board 3.1, firmware v.: 1.20.2.r0

    I have removed the CTS & RTS jumpers but no difference.

    This issue occurs if powered through USB or also with additional external power supply.

    I cant help but think its firmware related, as im pretty sure this didnt occur on the old firmware I had installed.

    Any help would be appreciated - since its a fundamental issue in my application!

  • Issue still persists. I am not using the expansion board. I'm using boards from that have only the power, i2c pins, and USB programming pins mapped.

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    Yes, sorry, thanks for the reminder.
    Do you perhaps have the CTS and RTS jumpers on the expansionboard inserted? If so, please remove them. They interfere with the LTE modem communication (even if you do not actively use the LTE modem, there might be some issues).

  • Did you get anywhere i finding a solution? same issue here

  • Firmware: 1.20.2.r1

  • Firmware version ?

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