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  • Hi,

    button bricks are fine concept :)
    new page looks interesting and it is much faster to go to e.g. forum then previously by menu.

    I know that this is a subjective feeling but as far as the colors of the buttons are ok
    but color should be differen for etc headers h1.

  • administrators

    @Erica-Galindo Hi there, I can confirm we are fixing many of the issues and have been working with the web design company to make this a priority. We should have many fixes this week. Best wishes Fred

  • Two weeks and i still cant use this web page on my computer, really slow, really complicated to use and soooo many design issues. Took me a long time to find the updater tool today.

    I know i said really strong words before, and i'm sorry for it, but please fix the issues at least so its at least "usable". (not pretty to look at) but usable....

    Any updates on fixing this?
    If not, can we please go back to the previous one while you fix it?
    I understand that the web page is not a priority, but its frustrating.

  • It is really sad to see that still the Game Portal is PyCom's front page :(

  • @Fred, @bmarkus seems to be a very respected guy around here. Actually, I once believed he worked at Pycom.

    As he says, please consider rolling back to the old website. There is no way I can even mention your name to my boss without damaging my reputation. Save yours, forget about the whole website thing, and focus in the already very delayed firmware.

  • Now this topic reminds me how our politicians are doing. If there is an issue what they can't or don't want to solve, they pick up something totally different which will be in the focus of discussions and they hope original issue will be forgotten.

    Go back to the core business. It is mid February and I do not see that LoPy will ever become a stable product which can be used in a production environment. Original Kickstarter promisses are not met, please PyCom go back and read it. Communication on WEB site was misleading (was because I can't read it now) suggesting the buyers will get a ready product but what they are getting is even not suitable for DIY projects, see comments on the Forum. Actually I feel every minutes spent here a wasted time.

    Dear PyCom staff, this new WEB site is not about different taste. Simply it is bad. OK, it happenes. Just roll back to the old version (hope rollback procedure was part of the change), leave it and do coding, testing, coding, testing and document in between.

    Only one change would be needed. Tell visitors it is a leading edge, unique board UNDER DEVLOPMENT wich can be updated at later time with production firmware.

  • @Fred, so instead of being inspired by a company that clearly takes care of every single detail, such as Apple, you designed your website to prove that half baked works are the rule, like your current firmware. Try to open the website in different screens and in different browsers, and it will be from less usable to completely useless (Internet Explorer). Plus all the user experience and graphic design issues it has. Didn’t you realize them before rushing the switch?

    @bmarkus it’s right. It really doesn’t look serious at all… how do you expect to do serious business deals with it? Even skateboard websites look more professional. It looks to me that you tried to be “cool” and not mainstream the way hipster kids do. But hipster kids don’t realize that being hipster actually became mainstream a long time ago.

    @Fred, definitely, is the way to go, as it’s really different from all the other boring car sites. Would you trust them for serious business? I certainly wont.

    Professionalism is another important word in the business world, and your website shows the oposite. It’s all about respect. As I previously said, I showed your new site to my coworkers, and the Pycom name lost their respect.

  • administrators

    @Erica-Galindo As Jose rightfully points out, that is a famous Banksy mural. There are 2 on the Home page. In terms of "lawsuits", all the images have been carefully checked and any usage rights paid for. In fact Banksy does not Trademark his work as his famous quote is: "Copyright is for losers". Thanks Fred

  • administrators

    Hi All,

    Great comments and glad to see some strong opinions amongst the community :)

    Lets all agree that we will never please everybody... thats why we all buy different stuff and a website is pretty much about establishing a unique identity.

    Interestingly enough we had started with another web page style and guess what... it ended up looking like another bland Apple Home Page design. How boring was that... huhhh!

    So the fact is that we are different and that's part of our DNA.

    Clearly work in progress and we will refine over time. I think some of the navigation flow needs to be addressed to ensure our developers can find content easily... but again, thats just my 'personal' opinion. We will look at the 'technical' issues raised and ensure we get those addressed.


  • The new page looks like designed by a 10 years old for other 10 years old for game. It is not in line to the PyCom message being a leading Hi Tech IoT vendor. If I see such page its message is 'Im not serious, you are not my target, go away'. And in fact, I leave.

    It is terrible :(

  • Please maintain an appropriate level of conversation ;-)

    back to the topic - first page is for me "good" but as button table
    and after clicking link we should go to something different layout
    i suppose that it have fresh view and is not boring page
    but using it as layout for content was mistake and should be changed

  • @Erica-Galindo
    That's from a well known Banksy graffiti:

    and speaking about bad taste maybe you should look at the tone of your messages ...


    What the actual.........!@##@
    I think not only he must be dying from cancer all over again for being posted as part of the pycom's web page, but i'm pretty sure that using his image like this can end up in a law suit.

    Who created this abomination ??

  • @jmarcelino, to continue with the idea of different does not mean better, I introduce the Fiat Multipla:

    I have show the new page of Pycom to some colleagues, and its answer has been: "WT ..., are these guys serious?"

    @craig: good selection of bad taste;)

  • @craig

    Funny you say which are based very near me - and their bizarre web page and marketing strategy does seem to bring them a lot of business.

    Maybe it's not that bad to be a little different.

  • @jmarcelino Since you miss the old times a few recommendations for the next pycom website:

    I'll recommend the new pycom site for the next version of Web Pages That Suck

  • @jmarcelino, what about @erica-galindo comments about user experience? For me it is completely from amateurs the fact that the menu changes order in each page, or that the menu can not be seen completely depending on your resolution of the screen.

    I completely agree with @erica-galindo and I think they should hire a graphic designer, whether it be part time, to guide them in how to make a cool website.

    I think they can make the page look different from the typical web pages, but they should do it with good taste. Anyone enters this page and does not know if it is on the homepage of a company that sells skateboards, or a company that aims to pioneer in the world of IoT. The brand is not clear at all.

    In the business world seriousness is important, and the new Pycom page makes it very difficult for me to showcase their products within my company and convince my boss to use their equipment in our upcoming designs. Skateboards websites are more serious than this.

    If you are not going to hire a graphic designer, you should at least read some books about graphic design and user experience. A web page should not be artistically impressing, it should be useful and easily understandable. If the last part is missing, you have failed at the most basic thing.

  • @jmarcelino
    I understand that the design is a thing of personal taste, but the technical errors are all over the place. You just found first sight.
    I can give you technical errors that no proper designer will let pass, unreadable text, bad color selection for the text/background combination, the menu changes order every time you change the page, the menu changes form, and the whole menu is part of the background.
    This is just like all of the other products they provide, totally incomplete, half way done, must be release asap thing. we will fix bugs later.
    I'm really sorry @livius for taking it on you, not your fault at all, i just got mad by the comment.

    @jmarcelino, if you want i can give you huge list of web pages that are not "boring cookie butters" but are developed the proper way. Again this has nothing to do with the design (although i must admit i find it terrible for a technology company) it has to do with the UX, half done jobs.

    Instead of dedicating time to a new webpage (that was not needed), putting extra effort on the HUGE list of things that where promised and not done yet would be really cool for a change.

  • @Erica-Galindo
    i do not do much playing with this page only go to forum by link
    previously i must go to menu which was sometimes not responsive.
    At first look it looks ok to me as first page manu bars.

    But after your post i try to use more things then only clicking on forum link and to my surprise
    i see that this is not only first page button table only it is layout for other content
    which is totally wrong

  • LOL, jeez nothing like making comments on a design to elicit some strong opinions!

    At least it's different from the technically perfect, responsive etc but boring cookie cutter websites that populate the web these days. What can I say, I miss the old days when everyone was experimenting with the web medium.

    Design aside and talking about under construction, Pycom should really finish the copy on the website... looking at the ambassadors page I see "he’s responsible for INSERT REMIT.".. and other missing things all over.

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