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  • Hi @livius,
    As a part time graphics designer let me tell you that i can see that you don't understand a single thing about creating a web page. This new page is completely wrong and it proves that Pycom is just trying to do things that they got have the slightest idea about.

    Not only the design is hideous in all aspects of esthetics but also has several technical errors. For example, the web page is not responsive and looks terrible in different sizes of the browser, content moves around from page to page and the menu order changes all the time. And don't get me even started with the images on the site.

    The web page is so hard to use and kills the whole user experience. I understand that some companies want to change the way they look and "look cool", but this web page reminds me of my dad getting a dragon tattoo at age 64, "It's not cool"

    Regarding the design it makes aliasing effects all over the place, text is hard to read and scroll moves in a weird way over the top of the page. I would recommend that the next time Pycom hires a graphic designer and avoid doing the things themselves, this is not something that should be done with the spirit of "homemade", this is a company web site. It's so hard to find the documentation now and the webshop it's too hard to use. (And this should be the main objective for any company, get people as easy and fast to the shop as you can!), this page fails even at that.

    There is a lot a lot more to go around, i was enjoining my Pycom experience, and never posted on the forum since all my questions where already answered. But this demanded for my comment.

    Please look at the webpage in detail before giving comments about it. I don't know who this got approved and released

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