Compatible feather wings for FiPy (Pytrack 2.0 X)

  • Does anybody have in mind an RTC (with a button-cell) as well as a gyroscope which are compatible with the pinout of the FiPy, Pytrack 2.0 X? The ones that I found from Adafruit have a different pinout. My idea is to stack them all together without additional wiring.

  • @Artur-Nuritdinov As far as I am aware, Pycom modules do not conform to the Feather spec, they have their own ecosystem with the WiPy/GPy/LoPy/FiPy modules and expansion board/Pytrack/Pysense/Pyscan boards.

    The Pytrack 2.0 has an additional "Pynode" port for sensors, but no sensors have been released for that yet. It's a simple I2C bus though, so it should be possible to add any I2C sensor there with minimal fuss provided you find the right connector. I suppose many Grove, Qwiic/Stemma QT or UEXT sensors should be usable on that with just the right cable. Why Pycom chose yet another connector instead of one of the most common ones is beyond me...

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