Sending data files to cloud storage drive (Google drive/ Amazon S3 etc)

  • Hello,

    Ive had a look online but cannot seem to find any relevant answers. Im wondering if there is any way to send data files to an online file storage service such as Google drive, Amazon S3, Onedrive etc.

    Specifically, I would be looking to upload csv files (containing CAN bus data and various process variables) through Wifi. And I am using a Wipy 3.0.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Jake

  • Sounds promising.

    Does anyone advise or know of any particular cloud service with a Micropython API for file upload?

  • we regularly download ~70k userland code from a server to a gpy via http over catM1 so I don't see any problem going in the other direction.

  • P.S. I understand my post is a little vague, as the best strategy for it I am unsure about. I am using MQTT (Adafruit IO) for visualisation of limited process variables (e.g. machine endurance hours,), and it works great for low refresh rate data. But in order to be able to collect high sampling rate datalog files from my device I would much prefer to send these as log files. Hope this gives a little more background to my use case.

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