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  • @Pete-Allen-0 Yes, the phone connects to that access point and then eventually gives me the failed message.

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    @arikb If you look for WiFi access points, can you see one called PyCom_AP_Firmware_Update?
    If so, this tells us that the PyGo is in update mode and waiting for something to connect.

  • @Pete-Allen-0 Okay. It didn't solve my problem. I still can't upgrade. I left the devices overnight and it doesn't seem to reduce the battery charge by a lot.

    Since the USB cradles are at this moment unobtainable, is there another way to bypass this problem?

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    @Stephen-Glavin hopefully the Android update will help and we can get you up and running.

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    @andreas58 You don't mention what phone OS you are using, but if it is Android hopefully the latest update resolves this and you can update the firmware

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    @arikb 1.09 is the newest one, yes.

  • @Pete-Allen-0 Are you referring to version 1.0.9 or a newer one?

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    Hi all,

    First: the Android app has finally approved, so if you have been unable to update via Android please update the app on the play store and have another go. Hopefully that will solve many of these issues.

    The temperature issue is fixed in the firmware update, so it's important to focus on that. There is a thermal fuse, but we have reduced the wireless charging current in the new firmware to cool things down.

    As a generaly note I would recommend not fully charging your PyGo until you have managed to do the firmware update - if the GPS bug hits it is quicker to sort with a nearly empty battery.

    If you are still having issues please let me know and we will try to get you up and running.

  • Update:

    Upgraded the app to Android version 1.0.9. Still not able to upgrade firmware on any of my 4 devices. I get to the "Resume" button, I do see my phone connect to the PyGo's wifi AP, but it invariably fails thereafter.

  • I have two pyGo's and they get incredibly hot when charging, over 50 degrees. Updating is also impossible, loses connection constantly. In short they just don't work....

  • @Stephen-Glavin I do get at least a couple of them to charge. But it's inconsistent - for example after switching both PyGos to another charger (I have two chargers and 4 PyGos) they started "behaving" again. Or maybe they cooled down enough for the thermal protection to reset. Hard to say.

    I do see them connected to BLE and can see the battery "percentage" increase.

    Funny enough, the charge animation is different between the two I am currently charging. One has a single segment blinking, the other has an animation of 1 segment, then two, then three, then none and it repeats.

  • I’m having exactly the same issue I.E getting very hot and unable to update firmware. I also deleted the pygo’s from the app to see if starting again would help, except now I can’t even re-add them. The screens no longer come on when placing them on the charger and searching for a device isn’t working.


  • Hello Pete,

    • I received my PyGos today and I was completely unable to update the firmware on none of them (Android, 1.0.8)

    • You didn't provide a link to the APK file so I can't do that either.

    • The PyGo heats up a LOT when charged. When I say a lot I mean that I experience actual pain when touching the metal contacts on the bottom of the device with my bare finger, so that has to be at least 50⁰C. Is that supposed to happen?

    • After some charging, the wireless charger starts blinking blue and feels quite hot as well. I assume this is thermal protection. Again, is this supposed to happen? The environment temperature is about 22⁰C.

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