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    Dear community,

    Good news! Pycom Ltd did indeed go into administration on the 16th of September but it looks like we will have a new owner soon. They are Season Group. SG will provide us with more working capital to continue develop new products, have more inventory in place, and more importantly help all our customers take their concept into production! Once the acquisition of Pycom assets is complete, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate outlook but rest assured Pycom products will be available and better than before. Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.

    Cheers, Pycom (forever)

  • @Cees_Meijer I'm wondering the same. I don't need any Pycom modules (we have like 5000 and we were waiting for some that we ordered past year, but no response on that from Pycom). Btw, If someone needs Pycom modules (L01 and L04), we can sell some.

    The important thing to me is that they start to make some responses to plan using this awesome tech that they have developed. Please say something @Xykon ! We want to work with you!

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been a long-time user and fan of Pycom's MCUs, and I'm considering incorporating them into an upcoming large-scale project. However, I'm eager to understand the future roadmap for Pycom's products to make an informed decision.

    Here are some questions I have:

    • MCU Portfolio: Are there any new MCUs or updates to existing ones in the pipeline?
    • Scalability: How well do these MCUs scale for large deployments? Has anyone had experience with this?
    • Cost: Has anyone had recent experience with bulk purchases?
    • Development Path: Is there any insider info or hints on the future development and support of Pycom products?
    • Test Units: Has anyone had the opportunity to test new units or prototypes?

    If anyone from Pycom is reading this, your input would be especially valuable. I'm excited about the products and would love to continue using them in my projects.

    Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!

  • @Cees_Meijer I am not paying for it. When I bought my devices I got free access as I recall. I'm currently just using the pycom device for a hobby project (connected thermometer at our local beach)

  • @Åke-Forslund That surprises me. I had two pybytes subscriptions as well, for testing, and they stopped the monthly billing just a few months ago. Are you still paying for it ?

  • @Cees_Meijer The pybytes platform is also up and running (and actually working better than it did last summer) so my device is still delivering measurements. Hopefully it'll stay up until fall. After that I will have time to look for alternatives for my small project (unless Pycom starts showing lifesigns again, then I'll happily keep the device running on the existing platform)

  • @DEFRAINE-JM I agree: It looks dead. Yet, this forum is still online, and so is the documentation. So someone must still be paying the bills ?

  • @Cees_Meijer Hello, I think PYCOM is "Dead"! I have already experienced this situation with the AMIGA where there have been many takeover offers to end up being overtaken by the technology which continues to advance and the product is "extinguished"!
    If this is not the case, the buyer does not communicate more than Pycom! which does not bode well!

  • The new year has been here for a while, but we are still waiting for the future... Posting here is a long shot, but does anybody know anything about the future of the Pycom products ? We basically built a business-model on the FiPy, and even though I still have significant stock it would be nice to know what is coming next.
    What will happen to this Forum ? Who is actually keeping this ( and the documantation ) online ?

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  • i need 5.000 pieces pycom w01 module...who can help to me?

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  • @Axy-Pycom The PyGo have never actually worked, won't you release at least some usable firmware before trying to sell it? Who would want to buy a non working system?

  • Hello @Axy-Pycom
    Do you know if the Kickstarter supporters that did not receive their PyGo's (like myself) will still receive any?
    I imagine some of the "material" you have for sale includes those non-shipped units. Selling them along with the rest would mean you are kind of selling them twice.
    Even if they are mostly non-working at the moment, if there is hope that someone would adopt this product line, it would be nice to get the/some units.

    Anyway, good luck!


  • @Aisham-Zaha-0 Will Pycom BV make the PyGo schematic and core firmware available under an open source license? Seems like this is the only way that any pygo owner will be able to do anything with this device....

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    really good news thank you for sharing with us

  • Dear all,

    Goodbyes aren’t easy, but we’re right here with you! Pycom B.V. has taken the decision to bid the Helium Hotspot Miner and PyGo adieu, making room for innovative and groundbreaking products that will be available for all of you.

    But fret not! For anyone interested in continuing this project, we have material and IP available for sale.

    Please contact for more details.

    Helium & PyGo Goodbye gif.gif

  • Dear all,

    Pleased to announce that Pycom Ltd has been acquired by Season Group!

    All assets will be purchased by Pycom BV, a newly established company in the Netherlands, and will run as an autonomous subsidiary to maintain its start-up culture. Pycom BV will continue to help developers productize their unique concepts into reality with Season Group’s customized end-to-end services.

    Please feel free to send your inquiries to

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