Reliability of LoPy communication

  • Pardon in advance to the group member for asking very basic questions but we are right now in a phase for selecting hardware platform for a possible solution (still an idea). I am new to LoRa technology with no prior experience.

    SetUp: 10 LoPy Sensor Nodes & 1 LoPy acting as gateway.

    1- Reliability. Reliability between sensor node and gateway. Extensive / complex programming is required to make 6 or nodes talk with Nano gateway (LoPy) ?
    A reliability rated in range of 1 to 10 would help. Each LoPy is supposed to transmitting three (3) 16 bit analog values to the gateway. Update time can be 5 sec.

    2- Range. A line of sight range is essential ? If there is no line of sight available, at what rough estimate we are looking at ? in terms of meters.

    3- Any group member has used LoPy in an any industrial application ? Would love to hear general feedback / comments

    Cheers ..

  • Hi @omer,

    To answer your first point -

    • Yes, this should be reliable as the number of devices you are wishing to deploy per nano-gateway are relatively small. The requirements you have listed can be matched.

    For the second point -

    • Yes, line of sight is important for improving the range of LoRa. Without line of sign, range is entirely dependent on the propagation of the signal through the surrounding buildings. For example, the range will be significantly decreased if transmitting through concrete vs plywood.

    Point three -

    • We have a number of industrial use cases for the LoPy and I'm sure our forum members can back this up! However, some of the owners of these use cases do not wish to be disclose them so you may need to reach out to others on the forum and ask them yourself!

    Hopefully, I've answered your questions, let me know if you have any more!



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