@jmarcelino SOLVED Thanks for the help. Was able to adapt the example to connect to my Lopy and get a specific service with no issues. Some tips for anybody else trying to do access a GATT service. If you use the Pycom example it will print out a services.uuid like this b'\xdet-\xf0p\x13\x12\xb5DK\xb1\xc5 \xff\x95\xa4' . But if you are trying to access the service using the UUID as it appears it will not work. So what I did (as suggested by jmarcelino) was use binascii.hexlify to get a hex value. Which in this case was -----de742df0701312b5444bb1c520ff95a4' ,then use that as the value with binascci.unhexlify as the uuid input like this service.uuid()==binascii.unhexlify(b'de742df0701312b5444bb1c520ff95a4'): Another way to get the uuid is to use the Android Nordic Semiconductor nRF Connect app (or similar) to get the hex value for the UUID and then use unhexlify as above.