@robert-hh said in TTN EU inconsistent to LoRAWan Spec: I just stumbled over an inconsistency between TTN EU and the LoRa WAN specification. For Downlink messages with DR < 4 TTN uses the RX2 window with DR=3 (SF9BW125) at 869,525 MHz and a power level of 27. This does deviate from the LoRa Spec in two aspects: a) I would expect that for a downlink message at first the RX1 window ist used, with the data rate and frequency matching the Uplink message. b) If the RX2 windows is used, DR0 = SF12BW125 should be used. That is what the PyCom devices expect for the RX2 window. The Pycom devices seem to implement the LoRAWAN spec. As a consequence, downlink messages for low data rates are lost. @bmarkus : How is the behavior in the loriot network? @robert-hh LORIOT EU868 settings are compliant to the LoRaWAN Regional Specification, see channel plan: