@seung-beom-kim said in LoRa Gateway: @bmarkus No, I don't. I'm interesting in dust monitoring system of shipyard using many of Lopy. And I want to know how to install LoRa network using Lopy. For example, when I purchase 100 of Lopy, I want to know which LoRa gateway I should use. Are you saying you do not want to use LoRaWAN? For a 100 devices industrial system I strongly advice to use LoRaWAN. For GW, there are many option, e.g. a Kerlink indor or outdoor, TEKTELIC PICO, etc. For Kelink IoT Station and iFemtocell you either buy SPN which is in embedded LoRaWAN network server, you can buy a MULTITECH CONDUIT. If you need a LoRaWAN server you can chose LORIOT or other cloed services. Plenty of options. But using 100 devices you need a real GW, I mean with SX1301 board which can receive uplink messages on 8 channels, 6 per channels (if DR is different) and can manage the devices. Do not use single channel SX127x based device as a gateway except you are a specialist of networks and you have our own, trusted protocol. But still you can not eliminate hardware limitations.