I did some measurements of power consumption a few months ago, when i started working with a FiPy + Pysense board. Back then i could measure around 7.5 mA in Lightsleep mode, when disabling all antennae and such. Since then i haven't been measuring current. But my current program that i have running on the Fipy consumes (with all connections / antennas disabled) around 35 mA, when i did a measurement today. This is due to having the SD card inserted (not mounted) as far as i can see, because when i remove the SD card i measure 7.5 mA again... Can this really be correct? It's much more than what is described in this thread, has anyone gotten similar results? In an older thread, @jmarcelino wrote that simply inserting SD card uses 5 mA, but that's still nowhere near what i am seeing! https://forum.pycom.io/topic/3097/power-consumption-issue Edit: I think i have a broken FiPy, since the same code on another FiPy measures around 7.5 mA, which is what i expected. I also tried the one i suspect to have a fault on another Pysense board, but it still measured 35 mA in Lightsleep, also after flashing..